Aloha Hawaii

The following is my summer body of work.
All mixed media on wooden hand made boxes.
Available for sale as group or individually...even they
look great in my living room wall!

All work is mixed media on hand made wooden panels.

Aloha wall.

Mr. Sunset

Mr. Pipeline

I still haven't found a good use for this collage mounted on a plywood.

Sunset Beach HI

Hawaiian Islands
one shot

Mixed media wooden block

Tom and Gerry
Acrylic on canvas
30"/30" each individual

Dora Lives
Ink on paper


Pencil on paper

Acrylic on wooden blocks
Mixed media.
wheat pasted cut outs on paper

Mixed media on wooden block.

I took this photo at San O
3 soul surfers doodling the rasta vibe

Acrylic/ink on wooden block

This are my Favorite pieces !
Acrylic on Wood
7"/15" Mini skateboards

Set Wave
Ink on paper

Ink/Acrylic on Canvas
Stack waves

Ink/Acrylic on canvas

Newport Beach California
Blackie's Quad

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