Surf Swap Saturday Newport Beach, California

This Saturday,
Come and get some Future Seas art at the Surf Swap in Newport Beach
all art super affordable and good deal!

Thalia Surf Shop

New prints just got delivered at Thalia surf shop 
in Laguna Beach.
If you're around, please stop by .
you can order directly here too:
$50 + $5 delivery if in California.

RIP Carlos Mortilla

 Rest in Peace bro!!

You were one of the real good ones!
thank you for shaping this board for me 2 years ago!
We were checking it at lunch breaks and after work ...
we changed the shape...from a foamy to a sick log.
I wish you had a chance to tried it .
I'll take every wave for you man!
I am proud to have done your logo.

Rest in peace!


Making stuff

California Saturdays ...when the waves sucks..
doing projects for an oncoming art show,
somewhere from Swami's to Huntington Pier...

California Bear Flag Collage,

Late night Sewing...
Step 8 out of 15 more steps 
before it ends up like this one bellow
For Sale:


Original Collage
17"17" sewn on, and framed in a handmade frame.
Available for sale
$400 + S&H

2013 Future-Seas recap...

See ya 2013...
Thankful for my year of roller coaster!!! 
Two trips to Bali with RipCurl! 
Poster for the 10th Anniversary Padang Padang Cup by Rip Curl!!!
Part of the Design house team for Rip Curl Global at Uluwatu Surf Villas- Bali!
Two Art shows at Thalia Surf shop,
tons of new art and new friends across the globe from Bali, OZ, France, Brazil, Japan, and beyond ! ..hopefully next year will be an amazing one too ! 
Thank you all for the support and inspiration!
 Cheers and Happy New Year!
Alex Krastev

Beach City California

 Beach City,
28th Street Newport Beach
Placentia ave Costa Mesa

Single Fins and Tails

Fins and Tails
 Single Fin Walker 
art and photos
Waikiki black n white photo detail of a big detail...

New delivery for Thalia Surf Shop, New Single Fin and California Collage art delivered.

Just delivered to
Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach California,
ten original Fin and California art collages..
Check them out, 
you'll be stoked!

Original Collage prints, California Collage Series

Original Collage sewn on paper.
$70 including shipping if shipped in California
International add 15$

Bottom right : Sold