California Surf art...

Framed water color California Map, 
available at:

 California print collage, 
available at:
 Haleiwa Hawaii,
this palm tree is on the way to Haleiwa park, it's on the right of the street...
pretty cool. 
available online
 Simply cool design

Choke Aloha !

 Sunset Beach
 Gerry Lopez Pipeline

 Aloha Hawaii, Diamond Acrylic on Wood
 Hand crafted Wooded Fin , painted and mounted in the box...
 Bali Padang Padang Paradise!

Alex Krastev North Shore Hawaii 2014 trip

Kamehamea Hgway ride


More Mai Tai


 Sunset Beach, North Shore O'ahu
 Dukes Mai Tai Waikiki

 Leif Boar's Nest

 Waikiki Beach  Honolulu
 Vals reef...
 Andy Irons for Ever
 Da boys from OZ and Burger in Paradise Aloha

Diamond Head  Waikiki Beach
 Gerry Lopez Pipeline

 Haleiwa Hawaii, tee I did for RipCurl
 Pipeline last day..
Da Boys!
Scotty and Leif and me at Haleiwa Joes
True Hawaiian Hosts!!
Mahalo !!
Back in 2005 was my first trip to Hawaii
and I was fortunate to stay at their house over 
at V Land.
It's the best way to learn about Hawaii and the local culture!

Thanks for the Aloha boys!!!

RipCurl thanks for sending me to Hawaii to bust some graphics, 
it was a great work/surf/fun trip.

Aloha also means Good Bye

Back in California ...