My old and new friends from Japan I met during the Green Room festivalin Yokohama !

Donald Brink

Yu-Ki my buddy from Tokyo

Yu-ki and girlfriend Sae, thank you for the hospitality and showing me around everyday Japanese culture. See you next time!
Sae, Shibuya
Tourists with Yu-ki

Fellow artist from Japan Kei Otsuka

Timmy from Timmy Cafe and RipCurl Japan, now Future Seas...

Mr Corey Brindle epic catch up
I think this is Yuki
Professional Longboarder from Japan
Legendary Surfer, Artist, Photographer and World traveler Mr. Naki
Mr. Naki
Mr. Pathivoyage the guy that got one of my original art pieces 
Live to Surf my friend!!! thank you for the support!

Mr. Ray Barbee
Happy Family

I am the artist ta da....... ;)

Stoked to meet you too brah!

Mr Jimmy Slide from TCSS
Thanks for stopping Jimmy Slide!!

Lisa Halim from Hawaii

Lisa and Eriko


friend of a friend

Thanks for the food Eriko
The Art Director of Green Room Japan, Mr Takashi Yoshida

Fellow artist and photographer U-ske

The crew! Uske, James, Jonas, Matt, Highland, Yohey, Christy, Takashi, Alex Krastev

Classic catch up with Mr David Vanderveen!
Mr Vanderveen
Live for ever Liam Gallagher
Pretty Green Japan
Masahiro's car, my Airbnb host. thanks for all the rides around!

Thanks for all the help and showing me around Sae!

Mr Donald Brink

Mr Highland, thanks for the help for the 3 days of the show. frame these prints man!

food and beverage

Pretty Green Japan
LIam Gallagher,
Live for Ever, 
Beady Eye



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  2. The journey of efforts and artistic approach can be seen through your pictures. I can see how adventurous it must have been throughout these years yet still more to come.