WHOLE FOODS Bellaterra Huntington Beach

Whole Foods Market

I got invited to do 3 huge paintings for Whole Foods Market in the Huntington beach mall of Bella Terra.
It's Whole Food's 300 store.
Beside that, I had the idea to paint the logo on a retro surfboard shaped by the local surf shaper
Jeff "Doc" Lausch from Surf Prescriptions surfboards!
Visit his page: http://www.surfprescriptions.com/
Big thank you to Paul Geary !

I treated my self with two brand new Wayland brushes, a wireless mouse, a cutting mat.... three 6ft by 7ft wooden panels....2 pounds of Kona Hezelnut Coffee and a month of sleepless weekends!

The starting point is always a challenge and the most important time for me when i do a new painting.
it's like a wave, you take off and Go!!

A few step by steps on the first painting.

All photos taken by my lovely fience Ashley ;)
Thanks babe !

This Pelican painting, was the biggest size I've ever done so far, 6fft/7ft and heavy enough to break your back !

In between this project
, I got asked to paint on a surfboard by Paul from Whole foods market, for the Opening of their 300th store in Huntington beach shopping mall Bella Terra.
Sick!! I love that!

Painting on a generic short board shape makes it look ok.
for that matter I got in touch with the local Huntington beach shaper
Jeff "Doc" Laush from Surf prescriptions , to create a master piece , a Retro board.
Old school boards are insane , they flow and I love painting on a shape like that.
this board can be seen in the new Whole Foods Market in the shopping mall of Bella Terra.

Thanks Archy see ya on Warner blvd!

Well not done yet....painting number 2:
The Huntington Beach pier !
With two surfer silhouettes :
Name the person on the left (silhouette one of the left ) and you will win a small painting from
Hint: it's a legend in the Surf Industry.
e-mail here: alexkrsart@yahoo.fr

Painting number three:
Ashley loves surfing!

More to come!

Aloha and Mahalo from The Future seas family!

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